Thursday, June 01, 2006

Poker Tournament

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 4346804

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

HUC3 - go the squirrels - watch out for my quads

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Friday, March 03, 2006

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Love Dem Quads Beetches

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another Good Result - Une autre bonne résulte

Another good night, mostly PLO8 again with a bit of NLHE... I have some more pretty pictures of tonights more interesting hands....
The first one is a hand where I was really lucky... the same thing happened twice... I ended up with like the second nut low and thought I 'd be right and both times the other person in the pot had the nut low but I snuck in for the High with a single pair... I couldnt believe it... SO LUCKY.... could have been disaster... I guess I learnt something tonight cause I played a fair bit with only 1 or two other players, which I haven't really done much of in PLO8 especially at this level ($1/$2)... I also played on a $3/$6 table and I was pretty scared - there were two dudes sitting on the table and they both had over $1k at the table almost my whole role : )) didnt stop me sitting down with $240 and working up to $280 or so - I'd definitely give these guys credit for being better than your average player well better than pretty much any of the players I've played against... anyway that table broke after not too many hands, but I held my own and they put me to a lot of really really tough decisions...
The second picture hand is one where we got all in pretty early if it wasnt pre flop it was pretty clear we'd be all in on the flop and when our cards got turned over we had almost identical hands... luckily neither of us made lows with our A23 and my J paired up where as his 10 didnt
pretty cool!!

3. hit my perfect card on the river to win a good sized pot, it made my low and my oesd into a str8, though the other guys hand was a bit dubious from the start specially against my bet on the flop. This was prolly my biggest pot of the night at $400 and was courtesy of me making trip aces and him making trip 5s both with the pair in our hand so neither of us could make a FH without the board pairing which wouldn't hurt me anyway, and neither of us made a low

I know the pic with all the 6s doesnt really count as quads but its nice to have four between my hand and the board : )) and you know how I like quads so I couldnt resist putting this up ewven tho it shows how dumb I am cause I played this hand in the first place... tut tut
Here's a hand from holdem that went really well when my bigslick came up against Qs and I made two pair and the person called my river bet : ))
This was another big pot where I made the nut FH and the other person med the second nut FH and paid for it... : ))

So after all my sessions last night this is how I ended up:
NLHE table 1 (0.50/$1): -30
NLHE table 2 ($1/$2) : +50
PLO8 table 1 ($1/$2) : +120
PLO8 table 2 ($3/$6) : +40
that put me up just over $200 seeing as another $20 of my bonus got released... and so the bank roll grows... up $800 or there abouts for the week which isnt quite over yet which means I've taken my $500 buyin to $1300
regarding last nights tables at one stage I was +100 pn NLHE table2 and as much as +400 on PLO8 table1 but mostly I was around +300, so it was slightly dissappointing to end up that way... I had a really bas period where I was HU with some dude after I had just hit my peak and couldn't turn a trick and lost a lot... I could have won it back I'm pretty sure if I'd stayed but with work this morning I had to hit the sack... and I know I dont have to be too annoyed as I was still up $200 which is very nice - just that feeling of knowing it could have easily been +400/500 pretty easily (which would have given me the nice round $1500 bank roll) leaves you fealing slightly hollow even on an overall good session... anyways onwards and upwards hopefully... I'm going to try my hardest to get approval from missess EmBuScAdE to play in the Horse tourney on FT tomorrow which will be starting at 2pm in Aus which will be while we're cleaning the room we're moving into soon... so I'll need some luck to pull this one off!!

voirez vous a le chéval

Monday, January 16, 2006

More Photos from the Crazy Game

OH MY!!! That was a crazy game of poker!!

"That was a crazy game of poker!!"

that's what it says in the song anyway - this post will be about a crazy crazy game of PLO8....
so I opended up FT wanting to play a little b4 bed a bit b4 10pm, I have a look at what's going in O8 and see 1 .05/.10 game and a $1/$2 game decide I'll have a go at 1/2 even though it really isnt in my roll's limits - I had just bought into FT the day b4 for $500 and was up to $580 after the first day... and I was determined when I loaded in not to play too high for my roll... so much for that... so I get on the table, buy-in for $100 (half the max), and I 'm playing pretty tight due to a pre-flop raise being $6 to call generally (3x BB) and a large part of my stack... after a little bit I got all-in (it was always going to be only a matter of time b4 it happened) of course I had the nut high Aces full of 10s which became on the river... you guessed it - dems quad As beetches picture is on the post also.... that put me up to $308 and prepared me for GamblinBabe - the likes of who I have never seen before and doubt I will ever see again....

GamblinBabe had plenty of money and was raising every pot continuously and hard! I was one recipient of these donations, though a lot of ppl were scared away, not sure what to do against these continual large raises... but I was patient and I waited I'll put the pictures for a number of hands up cause I won a $549 pot as well as a number of other remarkable pots and there is also a shot of the lobby that shos the average pot size being almost $200 pretty cool for a $1/$2 table where the max buy in is $200... it was higher at points but this is when I captured it... anyway GamblinBabe kept reloading and blew off about $1.2k... LaurynG bought in for $100 just before Gamblin babe left and was up to $1000 within 10 mins... that was insane... but I also made it to $1k but by the time I finished I ended up on $666.xx which was a bit unforuneate as I got quartrered and also lost one other big pot just b4 I left.... so anyway I was up $500 for the session which included my $65 loss on NLHE which puts my roll on almost $1100 which is not a bad effort in 2 days. : ))
WOW... so I'm a bit tired today, was hard to get out of bed - I stayed up till 1.30am cause I felt like I couldnt afford not to be playing that table both for the cash and the experience... though the lateness definitely contributed to me bleeding some of my winnings off at the end of the session... WOW I just cant believe it when I think about it... other comments from Gamblin babe were "I'm Bored" that was supposed to be a reason... and she said she'd had a good week... anyway.. who can really say... either way it was awesome!!! I think I'll be heading back to FT PLO8 not just cause of GamblinBabe - I've found it to be good profits othere than her... and speaking to waffles towards the end of my session... he said that FT are the worst players for PLO8 or the best depending on how you look at it ... and speaking of waffles I got onto the table he was playing on too and sucked out on him pretty bad - I wasnt really concentrating on that game properly due to the other one and the proportions of the cash on the table just seemed incomparrable... even I couldnt believe I won that hand.... I know deep down he loved it tho...
thanks Sir!! ; )

till next we meet - a prochaine fois

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back Better Than Ever - J'ai retourné meilleur qu'avant

Well it's been quite a long time since I've posted!
I was away over the christmas/new years period till the 9th of Jan., it was a good break from work and I did some camping up the coast of NSW Australia between Byron Bay and Sydney stopping some really beautiful places including Iluka, Glenreigh, Nambucca Heads, Cassegrain Winery, Forster Tuncurry and The great lakes region near blueys beach (we didnt quite make it to seal rock as we had planned).
Anyway it was awesome and I may post some of the camping photos later... When I got back there has been much to do, between going back to work, restarting french lessons two nights a week, enrolling in classes for Uni, trying to work out classes for uni in France when i'm on exchange in the second half of this year and making sure that everything is in order with my school of engineering so I can graduate in march it's been a busy week back.
There has been some very happy news though, this weekend just gone by my Beautiful Sister got married to a really nice guy and the wedding went perfectly - it was really awesome and then the happy couple flew off to Japan for their honeymoon... ahhh so nice (may post one or two of these photos too - you may see me with my newly acquired beard, it came from the time camping).
Friday at work was cool some of the peeps at work have got into Texas Hold 'em and bought some chips (same as the ones I've got at home actually) so we had some poker and beers on friday arvo which was heaps of fun and apparently will be a regular event - few good hands especially the last one (had to leave to go out) where I played 5 3 spades against a raise (mostly cause I was leaving) and the flop came x 5 5 and then turn was a 5 so I had dem quads beetches and all the while the others are betting at me ... on the river I re raise all in and get a call from the chip leader and there is another player all in already... the all in player shows full house, chip leader shows a bigger full house and I show my 3 and say "I had nothing...... but four of a kind" as I turn over my 5 - and the laughter turned to surprise and then more laughter as I stand for a victory dance... I realised later this may not have been the best career move as the chip leader was my manager... but as a result of that evening I got invited by my boss to a poker night tomorrow night with him and some of the other managers (which is a bit scary - though I'm sure it will be fine) just have to make sure I dont try to play to pro and play for fun here I think... though this will involve a bit of money, not sure how much... lookin forward to that : )) specially seeing I've been thinking about trying to organise my own home game... even got a felt poker table top thingy for christmas : ))

So anyway my Return to online poker.... I got on for a bit of a session yesterday with my stars account struggling down around $100 I got into the O8 and played solidly till I raised with my AA24 1 suited A and someone re-raised all in (this was NL) for $20 (playing .10/.25 - my buyin of $15 was up to $30) and I decided I should call, I hit an A on the flop for trips and thought I was looking good, but got sucked out on at the river when the raiser who had KKxx hit some sort of str8, not too impressed, oh well... but mean while I had started another table of PL and also I had been convinced/ decided I wanted to ... buy into full tilt (I had been talking to Veneno) so I also started two table on FT and between these four tables I made $90 into about $220 playing various limits... I came back to the puter later and got back on FT and played a $5 SNG of NLHE and PLO8 as well as a cash game .50/$1 where I bought in for the max - $100 and was going alright but ended up busting it and I rebought for $100, I'd been a bit unlucky and had met two nice talkative guys who were pretty good players too and I was enjoying the game... so anyway I got back over $200 to make up for my buy-in even got to $237 at one stage but ended up pulling out even at $200... and I was about 7th in the O8 sng but won the NLHE tourney to be up a little for that session overall...
So at the end of the day my FT account was up $80 and my stars was up about $40 I think to a slightly healthier situation and at least heading in the right direction!!
so looking forward to the FT action to come and getting some bonus $ while doing it - gotta love the 100% bonus!! not sure how much I released with yesterdays sessions...

catchas soon champs - a prochaine fois

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

this is my pet kangooroo skippy that I ride to work in the mornings Posted by Picasa
sooo sweeeet!!!, DEMS some Quad As Beetches Posted by Picasa
Dems some more quad's beetches.... in fact this was the very next hand after the one above Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I also won another $10 SNG on stars... I'll have to leave an update of exact stats onhow the challenge is going soon Posted by Picasa
Scoop2 - This one was even more satisfying being on Stars (my spiritual home of poker) and also you can see I have quadrupeled up my buy in ... dem's quadrupled beetches!!! Posted by Picasa
Have been getting into the PLO8, or in this case NLO8 and this is a milestone for me... one of my first big Scoops ( Ithink that's what you call it) Big props and thanks to SirFWalgman and Trauma and Drizz for helping me out with understanding the game and what hands do what!!!! Posted by Picasa
Also won a $20 HU or two Posted by Picasa
Champion� Champion� Champion� ... Ol� Ol� Ol� Posted by Picasa
unfortuenately there could be only one winner... Posted by Picasa
Played a $10 SNG with Veneno at her spiritual home of poker aka Party Poker... we ended up heads up... which was obviously an awesome result whichever way it finished, this is the second time something like this has happened, last time it was me Veneno and GCox for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in reverse placing order... I'm sure ytou can find a screen shot and story about that match if you look back in this blog Posted by Picasa
my only cahes from day 1 of my SNG Challenge - (1st in a $12 6 handed SNG and 2nd in a $15 turbo 9 person SNG), after playing additionally 2 $5 and a $10 9person SNGs for two 8th s and a 6th Posted by Picasa
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